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Psychotherapy essentially means a therapeutic interaction between a trained professional and a patient who has a problem or issue to address. In my practice, I have used a variety of forms of psychotherapy to help treat anxiety disorders, depression, and more.

Most often I guide my patients through spoken conversations to help them realize the symptoms and underlying causes of their problems. I conduct individual psychotherapy sessions, but also will bring in family/spouses in the session at times. I also lead group therapy sessions for those conditions best suited for this type of treatment. I have also led numerous group sessions, which can be immensely helpful for family issues or problems with a significant other or spouse.

During the initial consultation, I always discuss with my patient the approach and type of psychotherapy to determine exactly what problem I am trying to solve and what methods will be most successful and most comfortable for my patient. Then I will decide if I need to bring in other people for group sessions, or if one-on-one psychotherapy sessions will suffice.

Of course, a key characteristic of success for psychotherapy is adaptation and flexibility. With my patients, I often uncover many new and sometimes unexpected issues. It is absolutely crucial to be able to guide the conversation in any way necessary in order to provide successful services. That is the only thing I ask of my patients: to be open to using the most beneficial methods.

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