Psychiatric Evaluations

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Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations | Neill C Williams MD - Washington, DC

A psychiatric evaluation is essentially the mental equivalent of a physical examination performed by a psychiatrist. If you are aware that you are suffering from a mental disorder, or if you simply do not feel “normal” and you want to know why you are experiencing the feelings and undertaking the behaviors that you are, then you probably are in need of a psychiatric evaluation.

There are also a number of life situations that require a psychiatric evaluation. For example, some applicants for sensitive jobs related to intelligence or defense may be required to undergo such an evaluation. Courts presiding over child custody conflicts or determining the mental competency of a defendant may also require a psychiatric evaluation.

With my patients, I use various assessment tools to perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluations. I utilize formal tools of assessment, such as questionnaires, checklists, and rating scales (all approved by the American Psychiatric Association). I also conduct informal and unstructured assessments. This simply means that I ask questions and provoke conversation without using standardized, formalized tools. Using this blended approach allows me to adapt my techniques to each individual patient.

Whether you are required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for a potential job, or you want to know why exactly you are feeling the way you are, or you are concerned about the mental health of your loved one, I am here to help. Call me today at (202) 293-0204 or Fax 202-293-1880 for a friendly, comfortable psychiatric evaluation. Email: [email protected]

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